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Method TTC ( Trabaja tu cuerpo)

We have developed some lines of work that they will direct your physical activity.



1. Health

2. Personal improvement

3. Physical development

Health is our priority purpose, all the means and methods we use in training have this red line that we will never cross. We do not take any shortcut that may pose health risks, neither in training, nor in diet, nor in changes in lifestyle habits.

Personal improvement is a broad concept in which we include the two parts: physical and psychic. Wellness linked to a change in habits, a better diet and a programming of your physical work, all these factors will result in a better balance and advance in your life.

Physical development of course is main part of TTC method, improve muscle structure, the basic parameters of the physical condition, strengh, aerobic work, flexibilidy and speed. We work different aspects to get a harmonic improvement

and durable that leads to a better quality of life or an improvement in sports performance.


1. All types of training methods and means

2. Adaptation to your circumstances

Variation is key, that's why we use all kinds of different workouts.Our programs are not limited by training systemsBoth we can use exercises or training methods that are more fashionable, as others that have been used since the early twentieth centuryWe will fight to achieve the objectives using all the tools that science, research and experience have given us for so many years.

Adaptation is essential for us. We do not believe in sending a list of standard workouts. To bring physical activity closer to all people, regardless of their material resources, city where they live, sports experience, physical problems, what we do is adapt daily training to all these conditions. In addition, these are circumstances that can change, from one day to another it may be that you acquire a new material, or that you find a better training area, or that you have a pain after a long afternoon of work, your coach will change your schedule and your training session according to all these factors.